Dream Position is the brainchild of experimental artist and composer Nicholas Van Winkle. The project has cycled through several different aliases since its formation in 2007 and encompassed the bulk of Van Winkle’s musical work (spanning an eclectic range of genres) until early 2016. Van Winkle’s compositions as Dream Position blur the lines between sound design and music, combining swirling pads, amorphous drones, glistening arpeggios, and harsh noise to create a uniquely dynamic sound. Dream Position independently released its first studio album, Loop 36, in late 2016, after thirteen months of production. In 2017, Dream Position’s “Williams Plus,” a three-part jazz fusion piece, was released through the STAFFcirc collective as a precursor to the upcoming 29-track opus Supermassive.
I’ve opened a merch store via Teespring.  Check it out here.
(October 31, 2017)
STAFFcirc Volume 3 has been released, featuring nearly two hours of music from Tony Thai, Maxo, kfaraday, Toby Fox, Chimeratio, myself and others.  LISTEN (Cardinal Virtue).
(August 1, 2017)
Loop 36 is now available on CD.  Purchase here.
(May 2017)
Loop 36 is out.  Listen here or on Spotify.
(December 2016)